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Wayne Watson
"My father was an old-school craftsman with an eye for detail and absolute commitment to quality. I discovered early that my strength is in taking what he taught me about the construction side of the business and applying it to people. It's my job to not only open the dialogue, but keep it active as we prioritize needs and reinforce or re-examine choices. In every step of the process client feedback is essential in creating their personal space. Cabinets, counters, floors and appliances are simply ingredients for an end result. It's my focus to interpret what my client is telling me using these tools. Once the concept is clear, the details tend to come easily."

Vincent WatsonVince Watson opened a cabinet-making business on Auburn Ave. on Buffalo's West Side in 1946, with an eye for old-world precision and craftsmanship his own father brought from his native Poland. Word spread quickly about Vince's intensive attention to detail and considered approach to both his clients and their homes. In each successive decade the scope of the business has expanded, but the Auburn Watson name has remained synonymous with quality, value and attention to detail. While Vince would be the first to admit that he enjoyed the building process much more than design, his commitment to craftsmanship remains at the core of the business. His son, Wayne, took the helm in 1986. Vince passed in 2010 at the age of 90. His work is still prominent in many of the region’s finest homes and his legacy is carried into every new Auburn Watson opportunity.

Laszlo Szlabonyi [Production Manager]"I was in high school when I started working for the Watson family - making cabinets in the shop along side of my dad. When I started going out into the field, I learned a little more on every job about how things come together. My role evolved into being the problem solver. I can easily spot the small issues on any job before they become problems."

Eddie Domagala [Journeyman]"I have been with Auburn Watson for almost 40 years. No two projects are alike. No two clients are alike. But we are always going into someone's home. I make sure our entire crew understands that we have an obligation not just to build the best kitchen or bath, but create as little intrusion and disorder as possible."

Jim Krell [Journeyman]"At the end of every job there is always a feeling of satisfaction and pride in the finished product. Although I have been doing this with Auburn Watson for 18 years now, that feeling never gets old."

Bob Quider [Journeyman] "Every day is different. I've been here since high school, but there is always something new to learn. The one thing that never changes is that we always pay attention to the needs of our customers and put them first."

Jennifer Stanrock [Chef/Culinary Director]"Four of our showroom kitchens are fully equipped for our cooking classes. It’s a roll-up-your-sleeves opportunity to test drive a great kitchen along with a chef who is passionate about the food being prepared. Whether you are a serious chef or simply cooking curious, a great kitchen can make all the difference."

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